Dental Bridges – Panama City, FL

Eliminating Space, Improving Smiles

At Baldwin Family Dental, we understand how difficult it can be to live with an incomplete smile. When missing multiple teeth on the upper or lower arch, it can make the most enjoyable tasks quite challenging (i.e., eating and speaking). However, the spaces in your smile don’t have to last forever thanks to customized dental bridges in Panama City. Using custom-made restorations designed to eliminate gaps, you can walk away looking and feeling more confident and comfortable in your appearance. Call us today to schedule an appointment to learn more.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A digital image of a dental bridge

A dental bridge consists of a few different parts – two dental crowns and free-standing, artificial teeth. Created as one complete restoration, it is designed to fill in the gaps left behind by missing, consecutive teeth. Placing a bridge requires that healthy abutment teeth exist on both sides of the gap. These are used as anchors to help hold the bridge in place.

The teeth that connect the two dental crowns rest on top of the gums so that your smile looks complete.

Types of Dental Bridges

A digital image of an implant bridge

There are two types of dental bridges – traditional and implant-retained – you can choose from. When talking with our team, you can expect to have a better understanding of which one might be best for your unique needs.

Traditional Dental Bridge

Two dental crowns are positioned and bonded over two healthy abutment teeth, and free-standing artificial teeth remain on top of the gums for a complete appearance. These fixed bridges are often best when patients are missing no more than 4 consecutive teeth along an arch.

Implant Bridge

Two titanium implant posts are seated within the jawbone, while the remaining artificial teeth connect the two crows that are attached to the tops of the posts when placed. Instead of altering healthy teeth, an implant bridge is placed within the vacant sockets, delivering optimal aesthetics, function, and confidence.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge?

An older couple shows off their healthy smiles

Choosing to receive a dental bridge is one of the best decisions you can make when faced with missing teeth. After discussing your options with our dentist, you’ll soon discover that the benefits you can expect are ones that millions of people are already enjoying, including:

  • A full, complete smile that looks healthy and feels comfortable
  • A fully customized restoration that matches your existing tooth color
  • A restoration that can last up to 15 years (traditional) or 30+ years (implant bridge)
  • Optimal confidence and improved bite force
  • Reduced risk of dental drift often caused by tooth loss