Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Panama City, FL

We Love Answering Our Patients’ Questions

Teaching patients about oral health and dental care is an important part of any dental office, and it’s one that our team at Baldwin Family Dental thoroughly enjoys. We’ve heard quite a few interesting questions over the years, and on this page, we’ve listed the ones that we tend to hear particularly often. If there’s anything else on your mind before an appointment or while you’re considering one of our services, we encourage you to call us so that we can help.

How Often Do I Need a Dental Appointment?

You need to visit your dentist more often than you visit your regular physician. This is because a lot can happen in your mouth in just a few months, and it’s important to catch gum disease and tooth decay as early as possible before the damage becomes too widespread and irreversible. It’s generally recommended to schedule at least two dental cleanings and examinations each year.

At What Age Do I Need to Start Bringing My Child to the Dentist?

Your child’s first baby teeth will erupt when they’re about six months old. Once that happens, you should schedule an appointment for them before their first birthday. After that, you should start bringing them in for regular checkups every six months. These routine visits allow us to monitor your child’s dental development.

What are the Warning Signs of Gum Disease?

Bleeding and swollen gums are particularly common symptoms of gum disease along with bad breath and a gradual loosening of the teeth. However, sometimes there won’t be any warning signs during the early stages of gum disease. Since this condition can result in tooth loss, we urge you to keep up with your regular appointments so that we can detect gum disease and begin periodontal therapy as quickly as possible.

Is My Toothache a Dental Emergency?

Some toothaches can be resolved by flossing away anything caught between your teeth. Otherwise, it’s best to treat the pain as a potential emergency, as many toothaches are a sign of a tooth infection. We’ll do all we can to see you on the same day as your phone call when you’re suffering from a dental emergency.

I am Unhappy with My Smile. What Should I Do?

Your first step should be to call Baldwin Family Dental and schedule a cosmetic consultation. We recommend bringing some pictures of your favorite smiles to your appointment so that you can give us a clear idea of what kind of changes you’re looking to make. We’ll help you create a smile makeover plan that may include veneers, teeth whitening, and any number of services meant to make your dream grin a reality.

Will You Take My Dental Insurance?

We are in-network with a wide number of insurance providers. Check our insurance page to see if your plan is listed among them. If you don’t see it, there’s a good chance we still accept it; call us with your policy information to confirm.