Same-Day Crowns – Panama City, FL

No More Waiting to Restore Your Cracked Tooth

The moment your tooth is damaged, it is essential that you get it repaired. When you don’t, your risk of developing decay in that specific tooth only goes up. In fact, other teeth could be at risk of decay as well! That’s why our office goes the extra mile to bring you dental technology that enables you to receive a fully personalized dental crown in a single appointment. Not only can we remove decay from your tooth, but we can capture detailed digital impressions and use them to make your permanent crown all in a single day.

Why Choose Baldwin Family Dental for Same-Day Crowns?

  • Highly Advanced Digital Impression Technology
  • No More Temporary Crown to Worry About
  • Skip the Gray Putty Impression Material

How iTero Technology Works

Computer showing digital impression of teeth

More often than not, dental crowns are created by having a patient bite into gray impression material, then using that as a mold to design and fabricate a dental crown or other restoration. Instead, our office makes use of the iTero digital impression scanner. This device comes equipped with a small, handheld wand that contains a tiny camera in its tip.

By slowly scanning the teeth and all the other structures inside the mouth, we can create a highly detailed 3D image that’s highlighted on the iTero’s display. From there, we’ll be able to make fine adjustments to the crown that eventually goes on top of your natural tooth!

From there, a small block of ceramic is placed into our milling machine, and the device cuts down ceramic until your dental crown is fabricated. This process only takes about an hour in most cases.

Benefits to Same-Day Crowns vs. Traditional

Diagram showing a dental crown hovering over a modified tooth

One of the biggest benefits of same-day crowns over traditional ones is the fact that we don’t have to partner with an offsite dental lab just to get your dental crown designed and created. Instead, we keep the entire process in-house! As a result, you don’t have to wait as many as two weeks just to receive a crown, nor wear a temporary crown while it’s being made. This saves a ton of time for patients and ensures they can get the crown they need as soon as possible.

Furthermore, many patients note that the process of biting into gray impression material is not exactly the most pleasant experience. Of course, avoiding this material and opting for digital solutions ensures we can create the most detailed restoration possible.

Understanding the Cost

Dentist in Panama City showing patient her new smile

Most of the time, same-day crowns are about the same price as a traditional dental crown. While the machine our office utilizes to create same-day crowns is expensive, it’s offset by the fact that we don’t have to work with an offsite dental lab just to create personalized restorations. The cost of your treatment will likely vary from someone else’s, which is why you’ll have to visit us in person to discuss your needs before we can provide a specific cost for your care. We’ll help you create a treatment plan that fits your budget as closely as possible maximize your insurance benefits to the fullest extent if applicable.